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4 Reasons to Hire a Trailer in Geelong

August 10, 2020

Belgrove Hire offer clients endless value through quality trailer hire in Geelong. Our reliable and professional services prove time and time again why we are the city’s premier choice for all equipment hire so if you are looking for a reason to pick up the phone and see for yourself, below are four reasons that you should hire a trailer today.

Relocating furniture and appliances

If you are currently moving houses or renovating in Geelong and have a large load to move, you may want to consider hiring a Belgrove trailer. Our affordable trailers save you money and safely transport your goods and furniture to its end destination. We have a wide range of size options to suit your circumstance.

Transporting commercial goods

Are you a small business or local manufacturer in Geelong looking to transport goods? Then a Belgrove trailer is exactly what you need. Designed specifically to safely transport commercial goods from A to B, you can rest assured when you hire a professional Belgrove trailer, available at a price unmatched by our competitors.

Local camping and travel

With international travel being off the cards for what seems the foreseeable future, due to COVID-19, local travel and camping has become a favourable alternative for families in Geelong, with many retreating to the surf coast or the Bellarine peninsula for a quick getaway. In this circumstance, our trailers are handy for transporting camping essentials such as tents, bungalows, and even equipment for the BBQ. So if you’re preparing a camping trip, you may want to consider hiring a Belgrove trailer.

Tow rubbish to the tip

Considering many of us are stuck in our homes, it is fair to assume that we are creating much more waste than usual. This might cause the need for extra waste support, such as a Belgrove trailer to transport extra rubbish to the nearest tip.

We have a large range of trailers to hire including open trailers, cage trailers, stock crates, tandem car carriers, furniture vans, motorbike trailers and horse floats.

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