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3 Reasons To Hire A Diesel Infrared Indoor Big Space Heater From Belgrove Hire in Geelong

October 20, 2020

A Belgrove Hire diesel infrared indoor big space heater is a piece of heating machinery powered by a diesel engine, designed to provide fan-forced and infrared heat to large open space areas in Geelong such as factories, farm workshops, big indoor events like sporting events and much more.

Running off a standard 240v/10amp powerpoint, the diesel infrared heater is the premier choice for a wide variety of reasons. Including but not limited to:


The Belgrove Hire diesel infrared indoor big space heaters are completely pollution-free and burn 100% of fuel source, meaning that no harmful gas or exhaust is emitted from the machinery. When machines such as these release pollution, it causes dangerous effects on human health and the environment, thus it is increasingly important for machines to be healthy and sustainable.


Infrared heaters are extremely efficient and differ from traditional fan heaters in the way that they work to heat materials such as flooring, walls, furniture, etc, whereas fan heaters work by heating the air.  These higher-quality heaters end up spreading the heat much for evenly as it doesn’t rely on the air for distribution. For example, if you open a window or a door, the heated air will not escape as rapidly with an infrared heater as it would with a standard fan heater.

Saves you money:

Due to the fact that with traditional fan heaters, the heat produced escapes much more frequently and at a much quicker rate, using the diesel-powered infrared heater will save you money on your electrical bill as the machinery works on far less energy and is less required to be turned on and off to ensure even heat distribution.

If you are planning your next large-scale event or are looking for a safe, efficient and cost-effective heating option, the diesel infrared indoor heater is the premier choice for you. To book our AH-600 45-litre heater that covers an area of 130spm, then call us, your local hire experts today on 03 5223 2855.

diesel infrared indoor big space heater from Belgrove Hire in Geelong