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Do jobs safely with Geelong scissor lift hire

November 30, 2018

With safety paramount, sometimes the trusty ladder is simply not a sensible option.

That’s when you turn to our friendly team at Belgrove Hire for quality scissor lift hire in Geelong to get that high-up job done safely and efficiently.

Walk around a city and you’ll see versatile scissor lifts used across a wide range of businesses. Whether you use them for maintenance, window cleaning, painting or installing a sign, they’re designed for ease of use and safety up high where ladders just won’t reach.

After all, who wants to balance on the top rung of an extension ladder, with tools in hand? No one does.

Not only are these proven performers easy to operate and designed with worker safety in mind, we can use them across a range of different internal and external environments. There are also scissor lifts available that work efficiently on rough terrain.

Scissor lifts can be expensive to buy for many companies today. Hiring from a reputable company is the most cost-effective solution.

For scissor lift hire Geelong businesses can trust our team to deliver quality equipment that will deliver high access with ease. Whether you need a safe, stable work platform to reach five metres or almost eight, we can help.

Our range includes electric scissor lifts, complete with trailer for easy transportation, through to diesel-operated rough-terrain scissor lifts. We also have single-lift pods and even cherry pickers available for hire.

If you have a job to carry out that’s metres off the ground, don’t pull out the ladder to see whether you can balance precariously on the very top step with a nail gun, loppers or saw. Take the sensible approach and call Belgrove Hire. Let us provide you with stable, secure equipment that will let you complete the job safely and efficiently.

For more information about our scissor lift hire in Geelong, please contact our friendly team today.