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Geelong coolroom hire specialists for sizzling summer parties

December 21, 2018

Summer is all about sunshine and socialising.

At Belgrove Hire, our experienced team is helping to keep the party going over this great time of year with Geelong coolroom hire that won’t let you down.

If you are organising a party, community event or large gathering, make sure you pencil quality mobile coolrooms onto your list of vital equipment during planning.

So why are coolrooms so important? Well, do you want your guests to be able to enjoy a cold drink as the mercury rises? Think chilled champagne, crisp white wine and frosty beer. Think ice-cold bottles of water, orange juice and even flavoured milk. And then think Belgrove Hire for Geelong coolroom hire. It’s an easy solution.

If you plan to serve food at your event, then it’s imperative you have cool storage in place. Inadequately stored food, especially in summer, can spoil quickly if it is not refrigerated effectively, triggering serious health problems. The consequences can be frightening.

Whether you want to keep a stack of sausages cool before firing up an afternoon barbie or you have numerous platters of food to pass around over the course of an evening, you need to store all of it with care. And that means it’s time to talk to our team about Geelong coolroom hire for your event.

With decades of experience when it comes to hiring quality equipment to help parties and events across the region run smoothly, we can ensure you find the right mobile coolroom for your gathering. From small to large coolrooms, we can help.

When you hire one of our mobile coolrooms, which are easy to tow, you can rest assured you’re getting a reliable piece of equipment that will do the job with ease. We maintain all our hire equipment to a high standard and work hard to match every client to a coolroom that will meet their needs.

So don’t risk a catastrophe by not thinking through your event’s cooling requirements when it comes to food and drink. Please contact our team for more information.