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Scissor lift hire Ocean Grove: 3 things to take into consideration

March 2, 2021

Before organsing scissor life hire Ocean Grove clients should take time to think about all aspects of the job in question.

Scissor lifts, like all access equipment, can make a world of difference on a worksite when it comes to safety, efficiency and ease of access. But it’s not just a matter of hiring one and off you go.

At Belgrove Hire, we have a range of scissor lifts available for hire. We urge people to consider these three points before organising scissor lift hire in Ocean Grove:

  1. Is the person earmarked to operate the equipment sufficiently experienced and trained in using a scissor lift? One way to become well versed in scissor lift operation is to complete an EWP Yellow Card course;
  2. In what sort of environment do you plan to use the scissor lift – inside or outside? And is the surface smooth or rough? You will need to inspect the floor or ground for any hazards including debris, holes, slopes and other potential problems. And don’t forget to look up in case there are overhead hazards including power lines;
  3. And is a scissor lift the best option for the task you need to complete? Think about the equipment and how many people you want to lift, making sure weight and height specifications are met.

Scissor lift hire specialists

For advice on scissor lift hire Ocean Grove clients can trust our experienced team. With a wide range of access equipment on offer, we’re happy to make sure the equipment you hire is up to the task, be it painting, maintenance or construction work

And while the points above are all important, they’re just a taste of the planning process you need to go through. You must factor in other issues on site, on the day you plan to use the hire equipment. These include safety precautions and checks, equipment inspection and, if you’re working outdoors, checking the wind speed.

If you would like to know more about our scissor lift hire options, please contact us today on 03 5223 2855.

Scissor lift hire for Ocean Grove clients